MysparkEV suspension mods

Well, the ’14 sparks are pretty soft, mostly in the rear suspension as the rear suspension is a swing axle with a 550 pound battery back there. I dropped it 1″ front by cutting the front springs and trimming the front bump stop 1″, the rear, I installed a 7″ 350lb rate spring from Summit Racing. These springs are shorter than the stock springs so I had to also install shorter shocks. Initially I used Bilstein sport shocks from a similar year Cruze but they turned out to be way too soft. I ended up using/modifying an adjustable Rancho shock. I have it set on setting #4 and it way stiff enough.

All these suspension mods eliminated the rear end squat when accelerating from a stop and stiffened up the ride- much more fun to drive now. In the traction department- the stock ECO tires are NOT made for grip. Cornering was ok but wheel spin was unavoidable when aggressively taking off from a stop. I changed the tires to Federal 595 rs-r tires- 195/50/15 front and  205/50/15 rear. They are the same diameter as the stock ones just slightly wider.

Results- Way better handling- like its on rails now- I have yet to hear it skid around any corner I have tried! The best part is no more spinning the tires from a stop. The 14′ 0-60 is around 7.8, which I could rarely get that fast on the stock tires. I can now get no worse than 7.5, had a best of 6.8- depends on the winds and road conditions. the ’15 says they are around 7.2 seconds to 60 but I find that hard to believe with the stock ECO tires- they do have a slightly lighter battery pack which anytime you take away weight from the rear in a FWD car, it will hook up better.

My biggest acceleration limitation now is the Torque management as its setup for the hard ECO tires. 0-30 is not impressive but after 30 is where it makes it up. I have clocked 30-50 in less than 1.5 seconds which is pretty fast- for example- I have a ICE car with a 270hp v6 that goes to 60 in 6.4 seconds BUT a normal 30-50 wot kickdown takes just under 3 seconds!

I am currently waiting for HP tuners to help me on the tuning- the reduction of Torque management to 30mph should help greatly as the electric motor in these sparks puts out 402 lb of torque from 0-2000rpm! This in a FWD= tire smoking, which is why Torque management is so important in a FWD (wrong wheel drive) car.

Ill keep this updated as progress is made!federal595rsr


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